This First Glimpse at Brad Pitt in ‘World War Z’ Looks Awful


We’re big fans of Max Brooks’s oral history-style zombie apocalypse novel World War Z , so we’ve been waiting for the upcoming film adaptation for a while now. This morning, we got a first look at the trailer, which will air in its entirety on Thursday, and well, it looks sort of terrible. We’re crossing our fingers that they just picked the worst footage to air in this little teaser, or that the choppy presentation is clouding our view, but from what we can tell, the film looks overblown and stylistically boring, already a complete cliché (unlike the book, we should point out). Heck, even the woman doing the voice-over sounds like she’s barely restraining herself from making fun of it. Never a good sign. Click through to watch the, ahem, trailer for the trailer, and let us know your first impressions in the comments.

[via Topless Robot]