Extremely Serious Photos of Extremely Silly Actors


If you’re a frequenter of Flavorwire, you’ve probably already come across our series of extremely silly photos of extremely serious artists, writers, and historical figures. Now, to shake things up a bit, we’ve gathered extremely serious photos of extremely silly actors. Why? Well, believe it or not, these kinds of photos are actually pretty rare — comedians and comic actors are generally photographed looking goofy. After the jump, check out our selection of very serious, black-and-white, no-funny-business photos of very funny actors, and hit the comments to name your favorites.

Bill Murray. Photo via

Paul Rudd. Photo via

Chevy Chase and John Belushi. Photo via

Rebel Wilson. Photo via

Aziz Ansari. Photo via

Andy Samberg. Photo via

Steve Martin. Photo via

Tina Fey. Photo via

Jim Carrey. Photo via

Kristen Wiig. Photo via

Tracy Morgan. Photo via

Steve Carell. Photo via

Amy Poehler. Photo via

Will Ferrell. Photo via

Zach Galifianakis’ extremely serious female alter ego. Photo via