Video of the Day: Rare Footage of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in the ’20s


Did you absolutely adore Midnight in Paris? Is there a worn copy of The Great Gatsby sitting in a prized spot on your bookshelf? Then you’re going to be as excited as we were by this YouTube video spotted by Open Culture that features rare footage of the Fitzgeralds back in their heyday, before the Lost Generation icons lost themselves, and Zelda was hospitalized in Asheville and Scott drank himself to death in Hollywood. As Open Culture’s Mike Springer points out, some of the information in the captions is incorrect, and the clip of Zelda being “very lively in a street” doesn’t appear to be her at all; in spite of these mistakes, the footage that does seem legit provides a fascinating, albeit brief, glimpse at one of the most famed couples of the 20th century, as well as their daughter Scottie. We’ve seen photos of all three before, but there’s something about the film clips that feels more intimate — particularly that bit at the end where Fitzgerald is writing at his desk. Click through to check it out now!