Sing Us a Song, Mr. Belding


This Saved by the Bell resurgence really came on like gangbusters, right? After a People magazine cover story and a tell-all from Dustin Diamond, here’s the latest from Bayside High: Dennis Haskins — better known as the gang’s principle, Mr. Belding — has a karaoke album dropping September 1. In a press release (and truly a marvel of the form at that), Haskins says: “I love to sing and have been doing karaoke for the past six years. Karaoke is about having fun and I hope everyone will have fun singing along with me or on their own with our karaoke CD/DVD!”

Oh boy. Here’s the tracklist:

1. School’s Out 2. California Dreamin’ 3. Piano Man 4. What A Wonderful World 5. Brown Eyed Girl 6. Georgia 7. Friends In Low Places

Below, some videos of Haskins doing karaoke at Dimples, a dive bar in Burbank located directly across from NBC and Warner Bros. Studios. From the looks of it, this album has been a long time coming…

So, if nothing else, we think Haskins is well-equipped to perform at bar mitzvahs and birthday parties. What’s next: Should Lark Voorhies come out with a perfume? Perhaps Mario Lopez should hawk exercise videos on QVC? Help us brainstorm some more vanity projects for Bell alumni in the comments.