Listen to a New Rolling Stones Song, “One More Shot”


“Give me one more shot/ It’s all I got,” sings Mick Jagger on The Rolling Stones’ “One More Shot.” The second of two new songs that will be included on the upcoming 50-track collection GRRR!, it finds the Stones back in barroom sing-along mode, centered around the kind of earworm-y riff that could only have been conjured by Keith Richards and full of good, old-fashioned Jagger come-ons. Yes, just as last month’s “Doom and Gloom” harkened back to “Gimme Shelter,” the vibe on “One More Shot” is pure golden-era Stones. Does that make the song a welcome return to form or a disappointing pastiche? Do the title and lyrics suggest to you that this might be the last new Rolling Stones track we’ll hear for a while? Listen at NPR and tell us what you think.