The CMJ Music Marathon Guide: The Showcase Artists 6 Word Reviews + MP3 Downloads


New York’s CMJ music marathon is an epic display of music journalism and indie street cred. From October 20-24, over a thousand under the radar bands will perform, hundreds will be blogged about, and a dozen will be become semi-obscure household names (see: Passion Pit) in the aftermath. The 22 initial showcase artist have been announced today, and so we have compiled a guide for your listening pleasure. Six word artist descriptions and song downloads — enjoy!

1. Broadcast Pensive electro performed by benign fembot. Sample Song: “America’s Boy” [Download Now] via The Decibel Tolls

2. School of Seven Bells Easy listening indie pop cures insomnia. Sample Song: “Conjour” [Download Now] via Stereogum

3. Zac Brown Band Truckers enjoying cold bear and trucks. Sample Song: “Toes” [Listen Now] via MySpace

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4. Múm Experimental, Icelandic blips and boppity beats. Sample Song: “Sing Along” [Download Now] via RCRD LBL

5. Atlas Sound Deerhunter side band sounding kinda different. Sample Song: “Walkabout” [Download Now] via The Fader

6. Japandroids Two Vancouver bros rocking in garage. Sample Song: “Young Hearts Spark Fire” [Download Now] via Pitchfork

7. Margaret Cho Comedian Asian chic singing/being sassy. Sample Song: “Eat Shit and Die” [Watch Now] via MySpace

8. The Budos Band 1970’s blaxploitation film soundtrack equals badass. Sample Song: “Budos Rising” [Download Now] via LA Record

9. The Very Best The very best alt afro pop. Sample Song: Yalira [Download Now] via Stereogum

10. The Temper Trap Yup, (500) Days of Summer soundtrack. Sample Song: “Sweet Disposition” [Download Now] via I Guess I’m Floating

11. Crystal Antlers Pissed off, hardcore ’70s rock. Roar. Sample Song: “Tentacles” [Download Now] via Stereogum

12. Portugal. The Man Purposeful punctuation. Classic rock. Redone creatively. Sample Song: “Lay Me Back Down” [Watch Now] via Pitchfork

13. Pitbull Not mistake, he is really playing. Sample Song: “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” [Watch Now] via YouTube

14. Cymbals Eat Guitars Dynamic indie rock popularized by Pitchfork. Sample Song: “Wind Phoenix” [Download Now] via Stereogum

15. Malajube Canadians singing quirky rock in French. Sample Song: “Ursaline” [Download Now] via Stereogum

16. Local Natives Powerful/delicate tunes with sweet drums. Sample Song: “Airplanes” [Download Now] via My Old Kentucky Blog

17. Wild Light Not very wild, but very standard. Sample Song: “California on My Mind” [Download Now] via Spinner

18. The Antlers Pretty buzzband music for sad types. Sample Song: “Two” [Download Now] via Stereogum

19. Das Racist Das jocular hip-hop about fast food. Sample Song: “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” [Download Now] via Consequence of Sound

20. Suckers Deceptively jolly single with off notes. Sample Song: “Easy Chairs” [Download Now] via Stereogum

21. Pissed Jeans Meaning, “we make you piss them.” Sample Song: “Dream Smotherer” [Download Now] via Stereogum

22. Screaming Females At times, an accurate band name. Sample Song: “Bell” [Download Now] via La Record