‘Portlandia’ Announces Season 3 Premiere Date and Holiday Special, Offers Preview Clip


We would have been happy to report one piece of good news about Portlandia, so you can imagine how overjoyed we are to have three. First things first: IFC has announced that the show’s third season will premiere January 4th at 10pm — just in time to cure your week-long New Year’s hangover. Chloë Sevigny, fresh off her terrifying American Horror Story turn, is set to guest star as Fred and Carrie’s roommate, and it wouldn’t be a season of Portlandia without everyone’s favorite mayor, Kyle MacLachlan.

And that’s not all! IFC will also air a special “Winter in Portlandia” episode December 14th at 10:30, which promises Christmas — sorry, non-denominational, optionally religious winter holiday — skits featuring Peter and Nance, the feminist bookstore ladies, and other familiar Portlandians. But don’t worry: if you still can’t imagine waiting another month to check in with Fred and Carrie, Portlandia has also just posted the season’s first preview clip. Watch “Meditation Crush” below.