“Brown Sugar” Inspiration Selling Mick Jagger’s Love Letters


What’s it like to be romanced by Mick Jagger? It’s a question we imagine many women asked themselves in the ’60s and ’70s. And now, we stand a chance of finding out. The Guardian reports that Marsha Hunt, the singer/actress who was the mother of Jagger’s first daughter and the inspiration behind “Brown Sugar,” is selling ten of his love letters to help pay for her falling-apart house in France. The missives date from July and August of 1969 and, perhaps most fascinating of all, include ample references to what The Rolling Stones frontman was reading during that creatively fertile period: Nijinsky’s diaries and the poetry of Emily Dickinson. We only hope that whoever buys the letters will end up making them public. To that end, perhaps we should take up a collection to help Letters of Note make the purchase?