Jeff Mangum to Embark on “One Last US Acoustic Tour” in 2013


We still don’t know why exactly Jeff Mangum picked last year to revive his solo career, touring and performing Neutral Milk Hotel songs for the first time in over a decade. So, when the latest round of dates wrapped up, it seemed as likely as not that he would disappear again, outside of the occasional benefit gig. But apparently he’s got one more tour in him. Pitchfork reports that, in January and February, Mangum will be visiting some cities where he hasn’t yet performed, from major metropolises like Dallas and Houston to such smaller cities as Ithaca, NY and North Adams, MA. According to a note on his website (where you can also find the tour dates), Mangum sees this outing as “one last u.s. acoustic tour.” We will, of course, be interested to see what comes after that, and whether this means he’s moving on to something new or once again retreating from the spotlight.