Morgan Spurlock Has Nothing to Lose, Will Make One Direction Doc


Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock explored manufactured masculinity in his recent documentary, Mansome. Now, he’s turning his attention to the nation’s biggest boy band One Direction for a Sony concert film, according to Variety. We hope there’s a subversive link between the two projects where Spurlock can ask the hard-hitting questions about the “feminization of men” or something, because otherwise… what?

Spurlock’s high-grossing indie days have been over for some time, with his latest theatrical releases — including Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hopebelly up. Concert docs are all the rage, and this is the big paycheck Spurlock needed — in 3D (produced by Simon Cowell)! For those of you who have hit puberty already, Brit pop stars One Direction were discovered by Cowell on the UK’s The X Factor in 2010 and have sold more than 13 million records worldwide to date.

Will Spurlock go behind the scenes to dig up some dirt on the clean-cut crew and pull an investigative stunt (hey, the guy has nothing to lose)? Is there a secret, future dream project he’s hoping to finance? Is this just the biggest cash grab, ever?