Photographs of Stylish Parisian Men in Their Homes and Workspaces


Paris-based photographer Baudouin wants to get into your apartment. If, that is, you are a stylish Parisian creative (or a Parisienne, for that matter). Renowned for his work in French magazines and for advertising clients, Baudouin shoots his subjects in their personal environments, their homes or their workspaces, posed in cheeky positions around their everyday things. His work is graphically satisfying and often about as funny as a serious portrait can be, all winks and nods mixed in with a strong sense of color. Click through to see a few of our favorites of Baudouin’s portraits, and then be sure to head on over to his website to check out more of his work.

Irié, fashion designer. Photo credit: Baudouin. Spotted via Feature Shoot

Nicolas, performer. Photo credit: Baudouin

Basile, editor in chief. Photo credit: Baudouin

Jean Philippe, artist. Photo credit: Baudouin

André, artist. Photo credit: Baudouin

Alain and Alexandre, interior decorators. Photo credit: Baudouin

Franck, actor. Photo credit: Baudouin

Xavier and Gaspard (aka Justice), DJs. Photo credit: Baudouin

Joël. Photo credit: Baudouin

Phileas, baby. Photo credit: Baudouin