Jeremy Renner’s Awkward ‘SNL’ Promos Have Us Worried


First things first: We’re huge fans of Jeremy Renner’s work around here. He was great in The Avengers, and made the Bourne reboot something that we could actually get excited about — not to mention his well-deserved Oscar nominations for The Town and The Hurt Locker. All of that said, after watching the promos for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, we’re wondering if Renner’s going to totally bomb. Outside of the silly outfits montage at the end, we didn’t crack a smile once. We’re certainly not saying that dramatic actors can’t be funny, but it seems like SNL doesn’t really know what to do with them, other than making them look stupid (see: last season’s Josh Brolin episode). Anyway, take a look, and let us know if you still plan on watching in the comments.

[via Pop Culture Brain]