The Sartorialist, by the Numbers. Plus: Win a Copy of the Book!


Fashion types have long been gaga for Scott Schuman, the photographer whose street fashion photos are the centerpiece of his blog, The Sartorialist. Now that Schuman’s best photos have been compiled into a book, his pictures can finally be seen as they were meant to be seen, in an enviable package full of glossy pages. Flavorpill has five copies of the book to give away to our readers — if you can guess how many times a certain accessory appears in the book — more on that after the jump.

As we perused the 500-page book, we couldn’t help but notice some of Shuman’s special affinities. For example, the guy can’t get enough suits. Seriously, if you are a man in a well-cut suit, watch your back, because Schuman’s probably on your tail. We went through the book page by page and tallied up instances of a few of the photographer’s obsessions.

Suits: 79

Cigarettes: 46

Cigars: 10

Belts: 44

Pairs of sunglasses: 78

Pairs of those weird sunglasses that look like Data’s from Star Trek: 2

Romper suits: 1

Pairs of Converse All-Stars: 6

Pairs of thick-framed “fashion” glasses: 26

Sets of Pearls: 3

Vests: 6

Pictures of Kanye West: 4

Men in skirts: 1

Headscarves: 3

Redheads: 4

Scarves: 91

Spiderman costumes: 1

Pairs of suspenders: 2

T-shirts without pants: 1

And now for the contest: we already tallied up the appearance of hipster main-stays like fashion glasses and suspenders, but this list would be incomplete if we didn’t include cardigans. Jelly bean contest-style, guess how many cardigans we spotted in the book, and comment with your figure. The five closest guessers win a copy of The Sartorialist.

*We attempted not to miss anything, but we can’t guarantee that these figures are 100% accurate. We tried our best!

Update: The answer was 27. We’ve contacted our lucky winners; thanks to everyone else for playing!