The Big Geek Headlines of the Week


A 19-year-old user of Justin.TV and well known forum troll committed suicide in front of an Internet audience yesterday. [Mashable]

The trailer for comic book god Neil Gaiman’s animated stop-motion fantasy flick Coraline — directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame — is now online. [i09]

Along with Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, ABC has decided to cancel its quirky, critical darling Pushing Daisies implying that we only like shows about dead people when they’re Six Feet Under. [Variety]

Gossip Girl‘s Josh Schwartz is in negotiations to write a teen version of the X-Men franchise called X-Men: First Class for FOX based on the short-lived Marvel Comics series — perhaps the leap from Manhattan prep school kids to teenage mutants is not as great as we think. [THR]

MTV wants to do a celebrity version of The CW’s Beauty and the Geek “where average geeks compete for semi-famous vixens.” We anticipate the unwelcome return of Tila Tequila. [THR]

Paris-based Aldebaran Robotics has introduced a really flexible new robot that should be available for purchase by general consumers (expect to shell out around $12,600) in 2010. It reportedly plays soccer well, if you’re looking for a vicarious athletic thrill. [Wired]