Watch Soulwax’s Brilliant Hour-Long Video Tribute to David Bowie


Other rock stars — and, hell, even entire rock movements and eras — go out of style, but David Bowie is always cool. Due to an identity characterized more by constant change than any one aesthetic, he remains as inspirational now as he was in the ’70s. As a result of this ongoing influence, we’ve seen perhaps too many Bowie tributes over the years. But any fan worth their Ziggy platforms should take note of Dave, the 23rd and penultimate installment in Soulwax and 2ManyDJs’ Radio Soulwax project. Soundtracked by a seamless mix of Bowie’s best-loved songs, the hour-long video weaves together surreal sequences with imagery from Bowie’s album covers, alter egos, and ever-evolving visual style. In an additional gender-bending twist, Belgian model Hannelore Knuts stars as the man himself.

[via Dazed]