Watch a Teaser for Lady Gaga’s Terry Richardson-Directed “Cake” Video


When we first heard Lady Gaga’s “Cake” back in September, we were pretty baffled. Was it meant to be a joke? Was she trying to steal M.I.A.’s schtick? Was this just another piece of meta performance art? Now Gaga has gone and confused us even more by creating a music video for the track with some help from her pal Terry Richardson. The 15-second teaser for the clip looks a lot like a homemade sex tape, complete with night vision and plenty of ass shots. Maybe certain Little Monsters will enjoy watching her hang out in a tub with two other ladies, but frankly, we don’t find this new ARTPOP-era Gaga half as interesting as she was back in her “Bad Romance” days — now that was a visual opus. And if the ridiculous track is just Gaga having a bit of fun, then why perform it at shows and make a video for it? It just seems like a waste of creative energy. Anyway, check out the teaser, and let us know what you think.

[via MTV]