Watch the Unaired Guy Fieri Sketch from ‘SNL’


We thought it was inevitable that The New York Times’ hilarious takedown of Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant would work its way into last week’s SNL. It was like a gift from the comedy gods; we could picture Bobby Moynihan dancing a little jig as he read Pete Wells’ vicious review. But when Saturday night came, there was nothing. As it turns out, there was a Weekend Update sketch performed during rehearsals, but it never made it to air — only Hulu. “The New York Times reviewing my restaurant is like Architectural Digest reviewing a college dorm,” says Moynihan as Fieri. And later: “If you come in expecting Le Cirque, then you’re a Le Jerk.” Watch and see if you can figure out why they decided not to run this, because we find it so much funnier than anything else from that night.

[via HuffPost]