Kenan Thompson and Lorne Michaels Are Developing a New NBC Comedy


Forget The Dana Carvey Show and Cracking Up for a second. In recent years, when Saturday Night Live alums have branched out with their own TV shows, the results have been surprisingly magical. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kenan Thompson is attached to write, star in, and executive produce a new single-camera comedy for NBC. Unfortunately, this isn’t a spinoff of his recurring “Scared Straight” sketch, a vehicle for his French Def Jam comedian character Jean K Jean, or a fictional account of Whoopi Goldberg’s life. Rather, he’ll be playing Kenan Monro, “a guy who gives up his New York life and moves to his in-laws’ house in the suburbs, where he must contend with three generations of problems.” Given what you know of Thompson after a decade on SNL — not to mention all of the experience he racked up on various ’90s Nickelodeon shows — and the above premise, do you think this comedy could be the next 30 Rock or Parks and Rec?