Daily Dose Pick: Art & Copy


Official 2009 Sundance selection Art & Copy captures an inside look at the real people behind pop culture’s most iconic advertisements.

Director Doug Pray interviewed the mad men (and women) who influenced culture with ads like “Just Do It,” “Think Small,” “Got Milk?” and “Where’s the Beef?” The documentary zeroes in on the creative side of an industry often associated with crass manipulation, lauding a select ingenious few who are virtually unknown outside their professional circle.

Check out the director’s statement, read the New York Times review, find screenings in your area, become a fan on Facebook, and watch a teaser.

Official trailer for Art & Copy.

UCLA video interview with director Doug Pray at Sundance Film Festival 2009.

David Poland sits down to chat with Art & Copy director Doug Pray and admen legends Weiden + Kennedy, Lee Clow, and Rich Silverstein.

Vintage 1984 commercial by Lee Clow that introduced Apple computers to the world.

Hal Riney’s 1980s Republican propaganda in the form of Reagan campaign “Morning in America.”

The commercial that spawned a million “Got Milk?” print ads and t-shirt ripoffs.

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