Vintage Chinese Posters of Chubby Babies in Space


How might you get people interested in space travel, you ask? Show them chubby babies enjoying all the fun, flora and fauna that outer space has to offer! We’re total suckers for odd vintage posters here at Flavorpill, so we fell hard for these propaganda-ish images, originally published in China in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Space has just never looked quite so adorable before. Be prepared to coo over cute kids and wonder at the flimsy construction of rockets after the jump.

Little Guests in the Moon Palace, 1972. Designer unknown. Image via Retronaut

Bringing his playmates to the stars, 1980. Designer: Shi Shiming. Image via Retronaut

Soar, youth of the New China! On the rocket – China’s Youth No.1. Designer unknown. Image via Retronaut

Image via Retronaut

Take the spaceship and tour the universe, 1962. Designer unknown. Image via Retronaut

Heaven increases the years, man gets older, 1985. Designer: Chen Nailiang. Image via Retronaut

A garden in outer space, 1985. Designer: Liu Chonglin. Image via Retronaut

A Visitor in Outer Space, 1980. Designer: Yang Furu. Image via Retronaut

Image via Retronaut

Dragons rise over the Divine Land, 1985. Designer: Yang Liqun