A Very Special Thanksgiving Message from Larry David


While it’s still too early to say whether this animated “Thanksgiving special” from Larry David will become a classic, it did make us laugh out loud a few times. “What I didn’t get about Thanksgiving was that it was the only day of the year we had turkey,” he explains, in typical Larry David fashion. “If it was so good, then how come we were eating chicken three times a week. What was so special about turkey? I mean it was just a bigger chicken. And why did turkey have stuffing and not chicken? What was stuffing anyway? Was it part of the turkey? And if it was part of the turkey, how come it wasn’t part of the chicken? The whole thing was very confusing.” And so on. Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with the Davids, now you know. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of screaming.

Larry David's Thanksgiving Special from Larry David