This, photo shows food from a Thanksgiving dinner from Martha & Marley Spoon in New York. For $120, ...
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Exclusive: Thanksgiving Bingo for Your Dinner Table


Are you tired of gathering around the same old Thanksgiving table to eat the same old delicious meal while having the same old Thanksgiving-themed conversations? You know — the ones about food, football, the parade, food, politics, family gatherings of yesteryear, Black Friday, tryptophan, and food? If so, we’re here to help. After the jump, you’ll find four bingo cards. Each card contains 25 squares, and each square contains something that will probably or possibly occur at the average family’s Thanksgiving dinner table. So, let’s say your uncle gets drunk — you would place a bingo stamp (or a quarter, or whatever you’re using) on the “Drunk Uncle” square and hope to eventually have five in a row (in which case you’d shout “THANKSGIVING BINGO!” and unjustly call dibs on all the leftovers, or whatever). Got it? Good. Go ahead and print out our cards, share ’em with a few worthy family members, and have some good ol’ competitive fun at this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Bon appétit! And remember — don’t manipulate your family’s conversations just so you can win, mkay?