Whatever Happened To… Vicki from Small Wonder


News arrived today that one of our favorite shows from the mid-80s, Small Wonder, will be coming to DVD early next year. This got us thinking: Where can we find Tiffany Brissette, the child actress who effortlessly made us believe that she was a robot (or to be more technical, a Voice Input Child Identicant), today?

First of all, she’s turning 35 this December. Doesn’t that blow your mind? But back to the good times, the salad days. So after Small Wonder ended its four-year syndicated run in 1989, Brissette went on to star in a made for TV movie called Beanpole and played Annie Ricker in one episode of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. She followed that up with a seven-episode arc on a crime show called Equal Justice.

And then she quit acting.

Today she lives in a Boulder, Colorado, where she works as a nurse. How excited would you be to have Small Wonder working on you in a hospital? More importantly, do you think her bangs have grown out yet?