Pulp May Be Gone for Good


Remember all those years we paid to see Jarvis Cocker solo, enjoying those performances and that new material but all the while praying he’d just break into “Lipgloss” already? We got our wish two Novembers ago, when Pulp announced a reunion performance at 2011’s Isle of Wight Festival, followed by a slew of tour dates. But, unfortunately, all exhilarating things must come to an end — and so it may be time to say a second goodbye to Pulp.

Despite a hopeful interview with ShortList in April, it looks like Cocker has given up on the idea of writing any new Pulp material. Speaking to Q, he responded to inquiries about whether the band has been working on new songs: “No, it was a big enough challenge to learn how to play all the old songs and, hopefully, perform them in a convincing way.” Even more alarming, it looks like Pulp’s live reunion is over, too. “We haven’t got anything planned after the New Year,” said Cocker. “We’ll just be cruising off into the sunset. Seems poetic. Not wishing to make a big deal, but we’ve played for a while and it’s been really good, but you can’t keep doing that forever. Will you see Pulp again? Who knows. I’m not stoking those particular rumours.” [via NME]