FW Exclusive: We Ask Matt Sax of Clay, a One-Man Hip-Hop Musical, What Song He’d Like to Adapt Into a Show


How does an organization like Lincoln Center become relevant to the MTV generation?

By launching LCT3, a remote branch on 42nd Street that will showcase emerging talent at a distance that’s comfortable for the white tops.

First up on their list of upcoming shows, CLAY, Matt Sax’s new one-man coming-of-age story about a boy in the ‘burbs turned hip-hop star.

To test his MC skills, we challenged Sax to name one song that he could adapt into an entire play; read his response after the jump.

“If I had to choose one song to adapt and expand into an entire play it would be “Synthesizer” by OUTKAST off of the AQUEMINI album. In my opinion, these are the most creative guys in all of hip hop and this album and song in particular were both way ahead of their time.

The song paints a pretty bleak picture of the technological age that we are currently in. It would be interesting to me to expand on these ideas in a theatrical setting — the friction between the themes in the song and the form of theater itself. Obviously a story would need to be told as well, but just the sound of this album would be amazing — ANDRE 3000 and BIG BOI kill it lyrically.”