Will Simon & Schuster’s Premium Self-Publishing Service Be Worth It?


Some interesting news for aspiring writers: In a first for one of the big six publishers, Simon & Schuster has announced plans to partner with Author Solutions Inc., a successful self-publishing business based out of Bloomington, Indiana, to create a separate house called Archway Publishing that will publish fiction, nonfiction, business, and children’s books. Archway will be a premium service, providing “the standard editorial, design, and distribution services” — plus some extras like access to video production services and speaking opportunities — at a cost that will range from $1,599 all the way up to $24,999.

“While the venture promises to access the expertise of a major publishing house, it will be completely operated and staffed by Author Solutions,” Media Decoder points out. “With no Simon & Schuster personnel involved, and without the Simon & Schuster name attached in any way to the final product, Archway’s prices – significantly higher than even the most expensive competition – could be a hard sell.” What do you think?