Watch Cee Lo and Kermit Perform “Bein’ Green”


Last Thanksgiving brought us the first brand-new Muppet movie since the ’90s, but this year we’re thankful to Cee Lo Green for making sure the beloved puppets are very much a part of the 2012 holiday season, too. Earlier this week, we brought you Cee Lo and the Muppets’ adorable “All I Need Is Love” video. And last night on The Voice, the singer joined his good pal Kermit at the piano for a lovely rendition of the classic frog anthem “Bein’ Green.” Cee Lo wore a wild, neon-green outfit with mirrors; Fozzie was moved to tears; and even Statler and Waldorf – the Internet commenters of the Jim Henson universe — were on hand to offer their grouchy review. Watch it below.

[via Idolator]