Watch Tina as a Boy in the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Test Pilot


When a show is as great as Bob’s Burgers, it’s fascinating to see how it got its start — and especially how its many hilarious characters were originally envisioned. So we’re thrilled that Splitsider has pointed us to the cartoon’s test pilot. The 13-minute clip, which features a similar plot to the series premiere, finds a health inspector visiting the restaurant to investigate a rumor that the burgers are made of human flesh. Despite some small differences in animation style, the demo looks very much like the Bob’s Burgers we know and love — except, of course, that instead of the Belchers’ oldest daughter, Tina, there’s a son named Daniel who has the exact same voice and itchy crotch. Comparing the two characters, it’s easy to see why Daniel became Tina; she’s a million times funnier as a girl.