Preview Gallery1988’s Judd Apatow-Inspired Art Show


Can you remember back to a time when the term “man-child” wasn’t a part of the lexicon? Judd Apatow, perhaps more so than any other comedic filmmaker of our generation, has always managed to mine the angst of everyday life to create laugh out loud, and at times, kind of heartbreaking on-screen moments. He’s taken us all the way from high school (Freaks and Geeks and Superbad) to college (Undeclared) to 20-something life (Knocked Up and Girls) and what eventually follows (This Is 40, 40-Year-Old Virgin), all without missing a beat. And now, our friends over at Gallery1988’s Melrose location are celebrating his career with a group show of art inspired by his fantastic work. While A Tribute To Judd Apatow doesn’t open until December 4th, they’ve generously allowed us to preview a few of the 100 or so original pieces that will be on display through Christmas Eve. Enjoy them in our slideshow!

Image credit: Jude Buffum

Image credit: Dave Quiggle

Image credit: Dave Perillo

Image credit: Roland Nicol

Image credit: Ian Glaubinger

Image credit: Jeff Boyes

Image credit: Nick Comparone

Image credit: Megan Stratman

Image credit: Jason Edmiston