Joseph Gordon-Levitt Isn’t Playing Batman in ‘Justice League’


Well, that was quick! Yesterday we told you guys about a very exciting (not to mention convincing) rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be making a cameo as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and then going on to play the caped crusader in the Justice League movie. But according to, his reps “have refuted the rumor entirely.” As Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist points out, this could be a case of Warner Bros. not wanting to confirm anything until the official announcement had been made. There’s also a chance that the studio hopes to start this new franchise with a clean slate — which would mean breaking all ties with Christopher Nolan’s very successful trilogy. We’re curious: If JGL isn’t the one playing Batman in the Justice League, who would you like to see tackle the role? (You already know our pick: Daniel Radcliffe.)