Rainn Wilson Reveals His Angus T. Jones-Inspired Feelings on ‘The Office’


“Dwight from The Office is nothing, OK? The Office is nothing, all right? If you watch The Office… please don’t watch The Office. I’m on The Office, it’s filth.” Oh yes, TV fans, it’s happening again. Inspired by 19-year-old Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones’ now-partially-retracted YouTube video denouncing that show, Rainn Wilson has been moved to tell us what he really thinks about The Office. And in homage to Jones’ clip, he even appears with an eerily silent buddy for moral support: Craig Robinson, who is killing it on the viral video front this week. So, which sitcom star will have a faux religious revelation next? Amy Poehler? Donald Glover? Mindy Kaling? Here’s hoping this will start a full-on meme.

[via Gawker]