Is Prince Going to Stand for Amanda Palmer Performing ‘Purple Rain’?


We’ll be honest: we received the news this morning that Amanda “Fucking” Palmer is planning to play Prince’s classic 1984 album Purple Rain from start to finish at Terminal 5 on New Year’s Eve with a mixture of horror and bemusement. Once the initial shock had worn off, though, one question remained: what on earth is Prince going to make of this? After all, we’re talking about a man who went on record last year as saying he wants cover versions banned and recently served a fan with a cease-and-desist letter for selling handmade Prince dolls — we can’t imagine he’ll react well to the idea of Palmer making a shitload of cash (minus her back-up musicians’ wages, of course) by performing one of his greatest records. We’ve contacted Palmer’s publicist to see if Prince is aware of/has sanctioned the project — she told us that although she wasn’t entirely sure, she assumed that any requisite permission from the Purple One had been obtained. Hmmm. Watch this space.