Daily Dose Pick: Inherent Vice


Camera-shy author Thomas Pynchon’s latest novel, Inherent Vice, is a psychedelic noir set in drug-addled ’60s Los Angeles.

Private investigator Doc Sporello wades through the haze of the era, encountering a motley crew of surfers, stoners, ex-cons, and loan sharks, on a case involving his ex-girlfriend’s billionaire new lover — but it’s not as straightforward as all that. In usual Pynchon fashion, the story is as unconventional as its characters, bearing the mark of the author’s enduring literary prowess.

Check out a playlist to accompany the book, catch up on the mystery surrounding the trailer, explore Pynchon’s site, delve into the Inherent Vice wiki, read the New Yorker‘s review, and buy

the book.

The Inherent Vice book trailer

The Simpsons‘ take on Thomas Pynchon