12 Alternative Holiday Sweaters For the Season of Joy


We admit it: the holiday sweater is one of our favorite seasonal traditions. Only in the month of December are these gaudy, patterned, bright colored monstrosities allowed — nay, expected — at all casual parties and hometown get-togethers. And that is kind of great. But this holiday season, why not break out from those snowflakes and prancing reindeer, and cuddle up in something a little more alternative? You could go the ’80s video game route, cement your reputation as a pop culture nerd, or just wear your message on your sleeve. Click through to check out our roundup of alternative holiday sweaters to shock (or thrill) your family this year, and be sure to link us to any that we missed in the comments!

Celebrate the anti-Santa in a “horribly distasteful Christmas sweater” that comes in “one size that fits no one well.” Buy yours here.

In case all your other “conversation pieces” are just a little too subtle. Sweater by Lisa Anne Aurbach. See more here.

Because you know what you really want to be doing during your parents’ holiday party. It’s there in the basement, covered in dust, waiting for you. By n2imaginations.

Ditto this beaut — if it’s indeed real.

Have a heavy metal holiday with the official Slayer Christmas Holidays Jumper. It’s sold out here, but one can hope.

For a holiday in the tropics — headpiece required. From the Anna Langdon Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

To give your obnoxious uncle advance warning: Kathleen Hanna’s iconic “Feminist” sweater.

Who would win in a fight, Cthulhu or Santa? Buy yours here.

For the irreverent party-goer and ’90s film buff in us all. Buy it here.

From their happy home to yours: a She-Ra He-Man Christmas sweater. Buy one here.

Have the classiest alternative holiday sweater at the party with this Sheep Invaders pullover by Monsieur Lacenaire.

This year, out-fan everybody as R2D2 himself. Sadly, they are no longer available here.