J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ to Become BBC TV Series


The New York Times may have slighted J.K. Rowling’s debut adult literary novel from their annual roundup of notable books, but its appeal isn’t lost on the BBC. The Hollywood Reporter alerts us that BBC One and BBC Drama have reached a deal with Rowling’s representatives, The Blair Partnership, to create a TV series based on The Casual Vacancy. The novel centers on a council election in the small English town of Pagford, a place whose quiet surface masks long-simmering class and inter-generational struggles — a setup that, regardless of how you feel about the book, will provide plenty of material for a multi-episode (or maybe even multi-season) series. According to Rowling, who will be heavily involved in the adaptation, “I always felt that, if it were to be adapted, this novel was best suited to television, and I think the BBC is the perfect home.” BBC One plans to debut the show in 2014 — and we’re curious to see when it will pop up on BBC America.