Watch ’30 Rock’ Stars Talk About How ’30 Rock’ Should End


Will Jack Donaghy become “president of the world”? Will Liz and Jack hook up in a dark closet at a crazy party? (Sorry, Kellan Lutz, but we’re with Second Assistant Director Jennifer Truelove — please, not that.) Will “hot alien chicks” beam up Judah Friedlander? These are some of the crazy ideas about how 30 Rock should end floated by the show’s cast and crew in a new video.

But fear not, because 30 Rock creator and star Tine Fey is around to clue us in on what we can really expect: “I certainly think Liz has earned her happy ending. She’s taken so many lumps over the years. She’s had a fair amount of disappointment and worked hard and I think when she becomes the president of Spain in the final episode — oh no! I gave it away! I think we’ll be happy for her.” Thanks for the spoiler, Tina! We think Criss will make an excellent First Dude.

[via HuffPost TV]