Fleetwood Mac Reuniting for 2013 Tour


“2013 is going to be the year of Fleetwood Mac,” Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone when it was announced earlier that the band would be on stage for a reunion tour next April. We caught the news on Gothamist, and the website reports that although Christine McVie won’t be part of the show (she left the band in 1998), Nicks, Buckingham, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood are starting rehearsals in February. Buckingham and Nicks have been busy promoting solo albums, but this tour won’t feature a new LP from the group. Two new songs are being teased, however. Other good news of interest to fans? “Maybe we’ll play more songs from Tusk. I’d also like to see an extended middle portion of the show that’s just me and Stevie,” Buckingham stated. The tour starts in Columbus and travels to 34 cities. Get the details on Rolling Stone.