New Animal Collective: High Quality Recording of “What Would I Want Sky”


Animal Collective‘s new song, “What Would I Want Sky,” has been circulating the internets in crippling low quality since they first starting performing the song live in January. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, however, a soundboard recording of their 6/27 Bug Sur show surfaced on the Collected Animal forums over the weekend, including the new track. The quality is beautiful, as is the ability to call your b-side a Post Merriweather Post Pavilion song.

Running at a modest seven minutes and forty seconds, the song “begins” mid-way through with Avey Tare posing the eternal question, “What would I want sky?” Semi-Animal Collective fans may want to skip ahead to appreciate the song, but there is enough action going on beforehand to keep the patient fan/listener entertained. Bass heavy drums, tropical swirling, and Avey Tare periodically moaning — what’s not to love?

[Download Now] via Raminton