We Can’t Stop Laughing at Fake Chloë Sevigny’s ’12 Days of Christmas’


Some people love Drew Droege’s Chloë Sevigny impersonations because they think Sevigny is a pretentious hipster who deserves to be mocked. Some people — including, apparently, Sevigny — hate them because they love Sevigny and don’t appreciate the implication that she’s a pretentious hipster who deserves to be mocked. But we love them because we think Sevigny is a talented and daring actress whose public persona can withstand some gentle parodying, and that the videos capture everything that’s hilarious about her, down to the moodily downcast gaze.

Regardless of how you feel about Fake Chloë, we dare you not to laugh out loud at the latest clip. Droege and director Jim Hansen bring us Sevigny’s very own version of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” featuring such odd and obscure gifts as, “a moon-spinning breakfast of live herbs, curdled posset, and creamed skeleton meat.” Watch and be delighted, below.

[via Paper]