Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd Who’s Read Everything


Buying gifts for anyone can be hard, but when you’re shopping for a book nerd, you face a particular dilemma: of course, you want to give them a great book, but as far as you can tell they’ve read just about anything, so you’re a little stuck. Luckily, there are lots of fun presents out there that any lit geek would love to have (we know we would, hint, hint), even if they can’t actually read them. Click through to get some ideas from our bookish gift guide, and let us know what you’re giving to your dearly beloved novel addict in the comments.

There She Blows: A 2013 Hark! A Vagrant Literary Calendar $14.95 at Topatoco

We’ve been obsessed with Kate Beaton’s comics, and especially her bookish ones, for quite some time now. Christmas is the perfect time for giving calendars, but in case your beloved already has one, you can always pick up a print instead.

Vintage Mark Twain Beer Stein $15 at Etsy

Reading a little Twain, drinking a little beer — sounds like a pretty good way to start the new year to us.

Bartleby Tote Bag $12 at Melville House

If you’re like us, you feel the urge to utter Bartleby the Scrivener’s most famous phrase at least once a day. So why not keep it close at hand? If you’re gifting this to a big reader, we suggest filling it with a selection of Melville House’s multi-colored novellas — they’re obscure enough that you can bet your beloved hasn’t read them all, but awesome enough that they’ll want to.

Hand-crocheted Stark Family $130 at Etsy

For cuddling in those long months (years) in between books. And okay, okay, in between seasons. The set comes with three whole direwolf puppies, you guys. But if A Song of Ice and Fire isn’t your thing, you can always cuddle with The Hunger Games .

Stacked Paperback Wallpaper $198 at Anthropologie

For book nerds and design geeks like.

Novel Teas $12.50 a box at Bag Ladies Tea

Every book in the universe is improved by tea, and every tea bag in the universe could be improved by a quote from C.S. Lewis or Louisa May Alcott.

I’ve Read Books T-Shirt $20 at WORD

Announce your accomplishments to any passerby and support a independent bookstore in the process. You can’t go wrong.

Penguin Travel Pouch $19.95 at Penguin

Perfect for keeping in your bag with all your real books. Which tend to squash things like keychains and sunglasses.

1984 Fleece $42 at Out of Print

The folks at Out of Print have a whole catalog of awesome gear emblazoned with classic book covers, so we strongly advise anyone on the hunt for a nerdy gift to check them out. On our wish list? This cozy-looking fleece and the Master and Margarita t-shirt. Swoon.

Ode to JD Salinger Tote Bag $20 at Etsy

We know, we know: another tote bag. But look, book lovers tend carry around a lot of books (surprise, surprise) and so we go through good carry-alls like pulp paperbacks. Plus, we like to take every opportunity we can get to declare our love for the Glass family.

Literary Cookie Stamps $11.95 at Etsy

You know what else goes well with reading? Cookies. Especially when the cookies are emblazoned with nerdish literary insignia from Harry Potter, A Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games, among others. Delicious.

Log Reading Shakespeare $20 at Marc Johns

If you’re a real friend, you’ll buy your book nerd the complete set of Marc Johns’s delightful objects reading books series, but if you’re only an okay friend, one will do.

Today I’m Reading Mug $7.95 at Upstart

For keeping track. Hey, it can be hard sometimes.

One Story Subscription $21 at One Story

A subscription to any literary magazine is a stellar gift idea for any reader, but we’re particularly fond of One Story, which sends your lit nerd a single, fantastic short story in the mail about once per month. They’ll be remembering you (and reading well) all year long.

Jay Gatsby Sweatshirt $41.99 at Skreened

This sweatshirt is how to win friends and influence people. Just don’t end up in the pool.

Recommended Reading Flask $18 at Electric Literature

Everyone knows that scads of Great American Writers were also Great American Drinkers, so for your favorite budding Hemingway (and lit mag enthusiast), we recommend this Recommended Reading flask. It also is great at holding apple juice.