Exclusive: Jennine Tamm, Fashion Mastermind Behind The Coveted


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It’s hard to track down Jennine Tamm from The Coveted. It seems every time we speak, she’s jet setting around Europe to update her blog on the latest designer or trend. Her continued expansion is inspiring as she slowly builds her virtual empire one post at a time. Jennine describes her site as “style without compromise” and a place where “visitors from around the world visit to get the scoop on sustainable fashion, beauty trends, eco-beauty, vintage clothing, emerging designers, and how fashion and beauty relate to personal style.” Basically it’s an all-around fashion haven where anyone can pick up a few ideas.

Although there seems to be a lot of blogs out there about street style (The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, HEL LOOKS, etc.) Jennine is one of the best at presenting her own personal style. Her Flickr stream is like a continually expanding look book, fresh with ideas of how to see one’s wardrobe in a new way, as well as how to integrate vintage pieces into a contemporary style. Her typically quirky, but understandable photos show that any look can be achieved no matter how small the budget or outlandish the idea.

Originally from California, she recently moved to Chicago with her husband Rocky after spending a few years in a small village outside of Frankfurt, Germany. She runs The Coveted full time, and is also the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers, a fantastic online resource and community for fashion bloggers.

Flavorpill: What do you think of the state of fashion?

Jennine Tamm: Big question! Obviously the fashion industry needed to change. We can’t just keep buying and buying. Period. And we certainly can’t keep buying clothes from companies with skewed ethics and lax corporate responsibility, especially since independent designers are able to offer excellent design at competitive prices. The recession sucks, but I think it’s really posing some important questions for us, like how much do we really need to be stylish?

FP: Who are your favorite contemporary designers?

JT: Oh that’s tough, I love a lot of designers. I just found a designer Jennifer Gilpin (from Canada) in Berlin. She makes some great pieces. Same with Complex Geometries, Ayzit Bostan, Hannah Marshall, Cooperative Designs, KTZ, threeASFOUR… OMG, I can go on forever, and I’m sure I’m missing someone I love.

FP: If you could collaborate with one person who would it be?

JT: I’d love to work with Diane Pernet, but I’d probably be intimidated by her amazingness.

FP: Describe your personal style.

JT: Yikes! I would say I’m very post-modern in my style sensibilities, that it’s an eclectic mix of vintage, indie, designer pieces with a bit of high street. I wish I could say that I have a particular style, but usually I have each of those elements in every outfit I put together… sometimes I’ll go in a particular direction, like more vintage style, or more contemporary, but for the most part it’s influenced by the weather and my mood.

FP: What trends are you going after for fall?

JT: Honestly? Classic comfort. I’m not sure if that’s a trend, but I want to be comfortable and chic… and I pretty much think that means my heels aren’t going to be as high… but who knows?

FP: What should every woman own in her wardrobe?

JT: Right now I’m feeling the t-shirt dress and a blazer, you can really go casual or dress those two things up.

FP: What is the next project for The Coveted?

JT: Well The Coveted is a work in progress. We’d like to get more content going, video, interactive pieces, giveaways, etc. Just the blog stuff. Of course I’m always trying to improve my writing and photography. That’s a daily thing.