The Top 10 Trends in Children’s Books for 2013


We all know what trends in children’s books and YA were big this year (hello, dystopian futures), but what can we expect in 2013? Scholastic Book Clubs editorial director David Allender knows the answer — among other things, we’re going to see a lot of books about bullying, more tough girls, and (thanks in part to the new Common Core State Standards) a particularly good selection of nonfiction. After the jump, watch Allender talk in detail about the top ten trends he expects to see in kids’ lit in the upcoming year, and wax a little poetic on some of his favorite reads.

The top ten trends, as distilled in the release:

1. Bullying is THE Timely Topic in Kids’ Books

2. ’13 Will be a Lucky Number for Science Fiction Fans

3. Intriguing Nonfiction

4. Novels-in-Cartoons

5. Kid Lit on the Screen

6. War

7. Tough Girls

8. Survival Stories

9. Spotlight on Diversity

10. Nature Runs Amok.

[via GalleyCat]