How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters


The Big Lebowski‘s beloved Dude has been immortalized in the hearts of moviegoers. In the stoner caper, we learn that the Dude cares deeply about White Russians, his rug, and his robe — but many fans fixate on his cozy Cowichan sweater (which was created with four pounds of yarn!). Since the original sweater was auctioned off for thousands of dollars, we’re grateful for companies like 80sTees who have created an exclusive replica for only $200.

Contemporary clothing in film is often ignored for the flashier costumes and fantasy outfits, but it’s the everyday clothes that have the biggest effect on people — embodying the spirit of the characters and film. We can relate to a t-shirt or sweater easier than we can to an 18th-century ball gown. If you’ve been dying to dress like your favorite film characters, we’ve rounded up a collection of clothes (and a few accessories) you can purchase that are the real deal. These aren’t Halloween costumes, and you won’t feel like a walking LARP disaster while wearing them. Abide by our film fashion guide after the jump.

The Dude in The Big Lebowski

This sweater really ties the room together. We spotted the cable-knit replica on Dangerous Minds and have been experiencing the urge to bowl ever since. $200

James Bond in Skyfall

Tom Ford created the fitted suits Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall (his second time dressing 007). If you can’t afford the impeccable style of Ford’s designs, try this tailor-made suit. The replica has the same modern features, and includes a lapel collar, single-breasted closure, breast welt, and flap pockets. Then, head to website James Bond Lifestyle to purchase spy-worthy accessories. $239

Driver in Drive

Director Nicolas Winding Refn spoke about the origins of “neon-noir” Drive‘s memorable jacket:

“The jacket came because I had this idea that he had to wear a satin jacket. A lot of times I worked with music, and I don’t do drugs anymore, so music helps me come up with ideas. And the jacket came from the idea that the driver has to be kind of out of time, in a way, he had to be like KISS, “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.” If that song had a jacket, it would be a satin jacket. When you work with very good actors, you then let them choose the kind of costume they want, because it’s so much a part of who they are. So Ryan went out, and came back with different options, and he found the one he like, and it had an eagle on the back, an old bomber jacket, that emulates satin, that had that kind of 80s vibe. And then we were out in the garage, looking at various costumes, and the first cinematic reference I ever showed Ryan was Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger, and when we were out there, Ryan said ‘You should show it to Erin [Banach, the costume designer].’ It starts with a logo of a scorpion, and it was like ‘That’s it.’ That’s where the idea of wearing a gold scorpion came from.”


Enid in Ghost World

Sacrifice virgins and stuff in this Raptor tee. $35

District 12 Competitors in The Hunger Games

This crimson and grey Hunger Games replica training shirt was officially licensed so you can wear it to the gym with District 12 pride. $30

Private Frost in Aliens

Private Frost was the first to die after encountering a Xenomorph in James Cameron’s Aliens. He wore this badass t-shirt in the film, so at least we have something to remember him by. It says: “Peace Through Superior Firepower,” obviously. $29

Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones Series

This leather replica of Indiana Jones’ jacket from the films doesn’t boast the wear and tear of a true adventurer (designer Deborah Nadoolman aged Harrison Ford’s jacket with a pocket knife and wire brush), but it’s an affordable way to own a 1930’s-style nod to the great professor. $200

Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Custom couture artist and Etsy seller DaintyRascal is a Marilyn Monroe fan’s dream come true. She has replicated several of the screen star’s most famous gowns, and they don’t look like shoddy costumes. For the bold at heart, her custom-fit version of the shocking pink dress from the 1953 film Gentleman Prefer Blondes is essential. Matching elbow length gloves are included! $525

Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A milliner is a true artist, and art is always worth an investment. This replica looks just like the classic chapeau du matin that Holly Golightly wore, complete with an outrageously long band. It’s perfect for window-shopping, and the details that Hollywood hat maker Baron’s puts into the design are worth the price (don’t worry, they have payment plans). $1250

Don’t forget a pair of these dark tortoise sunglasses with green lenses, recreated by the original designer, Oliver Goldsmith. $380

Ron Burgundy in Anchorman

These replica pajamas go great with scotch. $30

Harry Potter (and the Rest of Hogwarts) in the Harry Potter Film Series

You won’t get kicked out of Hogwarts if you buy this Harry Potter Slytherin house sweater and tie combo. It’s discreet enough to get away with everywhere else, too. $100

Napoleon Dynamite in Napoleon Dynamite

We don’t recommend wearing the “Vote for Pedro” tee with your moon boots, or you’ll look like a flippin’ idiot. $15

Tyler Durdern in Fight Club

You’re not the Italian maroon leather jacket you buy. Ok, maybe you are just this once. $438

James and Em in Adventureland

Don’t get knifed over a panda. Buy this “Games” t-shirt. The “Rides” version is over here. $18

The Joker in The Dark Knight

You can actually buy Heath Ledger’s entire suit from Christopher Nolan’s movie, but we recommend starting with this hexagon-patterned dress shirt since the office might not appreciate your bold, purple, pinstripe pants. $155

The Tri-Lams in Revenge of the Nerds

Fear not: this Tri-Lam cardigan sweater has been untouched by Booger. $55

Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan

Jennifer seems to be one of the rare people making replica jackets without cheap materials and puffy paints. Looks like you better hurry, though. She writes on her website that she may only make a handful more in 2013. Message for prices on Etsy

Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II

Since you can’t afford the Delorean or the hoverboard, buy the hat instead. $25