10 Heavenly Hobbit Holes We'd Like to Call Home


Over the weekend, The Hobbit , Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated prequel adaptation of the most epic story about a heroic hole-builder ever written, landed in theaters and set box office records. According to the world’s communal encyclopedia, most of Tolkien’s humble hobbits lived in “hobbit-holes” or Smials, traditional underground homes found in hillsides, downs, and banks identified by charming little round doors and windows. Proof that the Shire’s simple, bucolic way of life isn’t just fantasy, we’ve rounded up some of the best real-life hobbit homes on the planet. From underground earth house estates in Switzerland to a grand tree house in Oregon fit for Frodo, click through to check out the very best of hobbit havens.

Estate Lättenstrasse by Peter Vetsch – Dietikon, Switzerland

Image credit: Vetsch Architektur

Dolder House by Peter Vetsch – Widen, Switzerland

Image credit: Vetsch Architektur

Pallavincini House by Peter Vetsch – Arni, Switzerland

Image credit: Vetsch Architektur

Eco House Bolton by Make Architecture – Bolton, England

Image credit: milimet design

Malator by Future Systems – Pembrokeshire, Wales

Image credit: Hamish; Journal 1005

Marshall House by Denton Corker Marshall – Phillip Island, Australia

Image credit: me-magazine

The Dune House by William Morgan – Atlantic Beach, Florida

Image credit: William Morgan Architects

Mountain House by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects – Vals, Switzerland

Image credit: trendir

The Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz – Portland, Oregon

Image credit: Robert Harvey Oshatz Architecture

Wooden Wonders

Image credit: Wooden Wonders