Harvey Pekar’s New Webcomic Debuts on SMITH


Underground comic book legend and American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar just launched The Pekar Project on SMITH; the first ongoing webcomic series of his 30-year career, it will feature 20 completed stories illustrated by Tara Seibel, Joseph Remnant, Rick Parker, and Sean Pryor. Later this fall, SMITH hopes to organize an exhibition of their artwork in Cleveland (Harvey’s hometown/muse) and New York City to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Get a sneak peek of some images after the jump and read the first story of the “mundane” — in which Harvey chats on the phone with his old pal Robert Crumb — here.

Image credit: Rick Parker

Image Credit: Joseph Remnant

Image credit: Tara Seibel

Image credit: Sean Pryor

Side note: We told you about one of SMITH’s previous webcomics, Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge earlier this month because it was being published as a print book. Hopefully Pekar will get the same treatment!