The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Over a year later, a new inquest is being held into Amy Winehouse’s death because the assistant deputy coroner who oversaw the original examination lacked proper qualifications. [via ArtsBeat]

2. Odd Future has been accused of brutally attacking a 17-year-old fan who hopped on stage during a show in San Antonio. According to TMZ, the teen “suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body,” as well as two seizures, and now plans to sue the group.

3. Here’s the studio version of “Cut Me Some Slack,” the song that Paul McCartney and the remaining members of Nirvana debuted at last week’s 12-12-12 benefit concert, and then played on SNL; if you’re still confused by why this is happening, they wrote and recorded the track for Dave Grohl’s forthcoming documentary, Sound City. [via NME]

4. You’ll never guess who had the highest grossing tour of 2012.

5. Thanks in large to the inflated IMAX ticket price, The Hobbit — which made $85 million domestically and $223 million worldwide — had the largest December opening in film history. [via Vulture]