XOXO, Chuck Bass and Some Guy


Spotted: Bass, far from a lass? Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello reports in a exclusive that Gossip Girl‘s most lascivious character (“I’m Chuck Bass.”) will lock lips with a guy this season. Scandal! Actually, it’s not that exciting: it sounds like the kiss is merely a ploy in one of Blair’s tiresome world domination schemes. Still, the very definition of louche, Chuck lost his virginity to the crazyface Georgina in seventh grade, so we’re actually surprised it took his character this long to experiment with another guy. And that it’s NYU’s head of freshman affairs, no less. Go Fighting Violets!

Readers of the Gossip Girl books will recall that the Chuck character was not written as straight. We just IMed a friend and fan of the books to confirm: how gay was Chuck in the books? “Very gay. He had a pet monkey who would always be with him.” Josh Schwartz, we think you need to do a casting call at the Bronx Zoo.

The new season of Gossip Girl premieres September 14. Watch a teaser promo below.