30 Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Quentin Tarantino Films


It’s been three years since we’ve been graced with a film from hyper director, Quentin Tarantino, but western throwback tale Django Unchained hits theaters on Christmas, and fans are brimming with anticipation. QT has only directed about 10 films (unless you don’t count the scene he shot in Sin City), but his filmography is loaded with graphic and stylish imagery that makes a lasting impression. The intensity and loyalty of Quentin Tarantino fandom ranks just about as high as Star Wars, which is why we’re not surprised to see his films etched across the flesh of adoring fans everywhere. We scouted high and low for amazing tattoos that were inspired by Tarantino’s movies — the ones he’s directed, written, and starred in. If you have your own QT-inspired tattoo, leave us a link so we can check it out!

Photo credit: Magnus Laupa (Tattoo on Jerker Mårgård)Pulp Fiction

Image credit: Mike DeVriesPulp Fiction

Image credit: Nikko HurtadoDeath Proof

Photo viaQuentin Tarantino-themed back piece

Image credit: Shane O’NeillKill Bill

Photo viaPulp Fiction quote

Image credit: Mike DeVriesInglourious Basterds

Photo viaReservoir Dogs

Photo viaFrom Dusk Till Dawn

Photo viaFrom Dusk Till Dawn

Image credit: Mike DeVriesTrue Romance

Photo viaQuentin Tarantino portrait

Image credit: Mike DemasiKill Bill

Photo viaQuentin Tarantino autograph

Image credit: Benjamin LaukisInglourious Basterds

Image credit: Joseph BergeronDeath Proof cover-up

Photo viaPulp Fiction

Image credit: Cecil PorterPulp Fiction

Photo viaPulp Fiction

Image credit: Brad StevensFrom Dusk Till Dawn

Photo viaNatural Born Killers

Photo viaNatural Born Killers

Photo viaTrue Romance quote

Image credit: Christopher KenyonTrue Romance

Image credit: AngusReservoir Dogs

Image credit: Cecil PorterKill Bill

Photo viaKill Bill

Photo viaDeath Proof

Photo viaInglourious Basterds

Photo viaInglourious Basterds