In Case You Missed It: From Wes Anderson Psychoanalysis to 'Hobbit' Tattoos


It has been a really weird week, hasn’t it? But seeing as how we all managed to survive the Mayan apocalypse — at least so far — how about revisiting some of our favorite features that went up over the last few days before you head out for the holiday? (Speaking of Christmas, if you’re still shy a few presents, it’s not too late to find something awesome in our holiday gift guide.) Got a few hours to kill before you head to the airport? We recommend spending some quality time with our 50 Up-and-Coming New York Culture Makers to Watch in 2013 — it’s an epic feature that includes interviews with all of the talented emerging artists who made the cut. Or perhaps you’d rather tell us about the songs that make you cry or find out which Wes Anderson character you are (fair warning: this writer was sad to discover that she’s a Francis from Darjeeling Limited and not a Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom). For those of you who enjoy “Best of” lists, we’ve got quite a few options to help you pass the time — from eye-catching movie posters and staffers’ favorite books to dark, electronic albums and great films you can watch right now. We’re also happy to tell you what your favorite book and album of the year reveal about you. Not in the mood to read? Check out these intriguing photos of people watching TV or strange portraits of non-related twins. Or you could just look at pictures of crazy, pop culture-inspired tattoos. We’ve got plenty of those! Finally, because it made us giggle, we’ll leave with you this video of Anne Hathaway and Samuel Jackson and their sad off.

The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway from Samuel L Jackson