Merry Photos of Pop Culture Icons and Their Christmas Trees


It’s almost Christmas, so by now, many families around the world have killed themselves a tree, dragged it into their living room, and are hanging food, lights, and balls of glass on it. Oh, don’t get us wrong — it’s a magical time. If you need a little inspiration for your holiday conifer, or just like peeking into the homes of the rich and famous (we know we do), we’ve put together a little peek at the Christmas trees of a few of our favorite pop culture icons, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Snooki. Yes, we are equally interested in both of them. Check them out after the jump, and have a bright and shiny holiday.

F. Scott, Zelda, and Scottie Fitzgerald in Paris, 1925. [via]

Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and their son Stephen. [via]

Michael Jackson. [via]

Elvis Presley at his home in Memphis. [via]

Snoop Dogg. [via]

Wilbur and Orville Wright’s Christmas tree in Dayton, Ohio, 1900. [via]

Nancy Reagan kissing Santa Mr. T in front of one of the White House Christmas trees, 1983. [via]

Mindy Kaling. [via]

Jayne Mansfield, 1950s. [via]

Snooki with adorable baby Lorenzo in front of his very first tree. [via]

Lou Reed and John Cale in front of a pretty bare Christmas tree. [via]

Neil Patrick Harris’ “thick noble wood.” [via]

Boris Karloff and Ginger Rogers. [via]

Buster Keaton with his sons. [via]

JFK and Jackie’s 1961 tree. [via]